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Quality Process

Quality is a priority. We work as per the requirements and specification from our valuable clients. Our group of experienced professionals conduct rigorous quality checks at every stage of production and also after the final product is made the entire consignment is checked and timely dispatched.

We can carry out visual checks on the quality of components, raw materials and accessories at the beginning of production. The final random inspection is performed when the products are 100% completed, packed and ready for shipment. Our inspector will go to the factories, warehouse, ports, or loading places to check product’s information, quality, packing etc. We offer inspection and QC service according to the client’s requirements. We provide all around visual checks on the quality of components, materials, semi-finished products and finished products in the early stages of production should any defects be found, our inspector will identify the causes and recommend corrective measures foe quality improvement during the production stages. We are committed to business ethics and strive towards providing value based services, to always ensure customer’s delight.

Our stringent adherence to quality has been the primary reason fuelling our remarkable growth. We at M.U.Al Samman, have a separate Quality Assurance Management Team, looking into the quality control aspects, at every stage. Periodically quality audits ensure that quality is an ongoing and continuous process. Our commitment to M.U.Al Samman quality allows us to pass on the benefits of quicker turnaround times, better and more efficient customer service and measurable reduction in costs, to our clients. Quality is our forte.
Underwriters Laboratories’ Standard 555 on Fire Damper

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